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Because Some Guests Will Never Be Welcome!

While steam cleaning is still relatively new in North America, steam cleaners have been around in Europe for more than 20 years.  I’ll try to explain the fundamentals behind the technology and why cleaning with superheated vapor steam is much faster, better and efficient than traditional cleaning methods such as spraying chemicals on everything and wiping the excess with a cloth. Whether it's your home or place of business, some guests or patrons should never be welcome!

National Multi Steam Explains How Steam Cleaning Works

The principle is quite simple, a powerful jet of exceptionally hot and dry steam comes out of a hose connected to a steam machine.  We say dry, because overheated steam contains only 5% water, making the cleaning process mess free. Many accessories, brushes and attachments are usually connected on the hose to accomplish various cleaning tasks.  The steam itself, reaching over 300º F, is the cleaning agent. This amazing process not only destroys the grime you see, but the harmful bacteria and living organisms you don't. Bed bugs and dust mites don't stand a chance against high consistant heat that we create.

Few people nowadays have not seen a television programme about house dust mites. Newspapers are full of advertisements for things which are supposed to help you get rid of them and the nasty dust they leave all over your house. House dust mites are tiny (up to 0.3 mm) animals related to ticks and spiders and live in your housedust. There is not a house without them, but some houses contain huge numbers and other houses contain almost none. This does not only depend on cleanliness, but depends very much on the amount of moisture in the house; dry houses in very cold climates or on high mountains have few mites, but houses in temperate climates and normal altitudes have more. House dust mites eat the dust which comes from our skin all the time. They leave droppings everywhere they go. Their droppings contain left-over enzymes which the mites use to digest the skin dust. It is these enzymes which are the most important part of mite dust in causing asthma and other allergic diseases.

In fact, house dust mites and their droppings are the most important cause of asthma worldwide.

The battle is on with National Multi Steam! Steam can be safely applied to virtually any surface when using the right technique.  On contact, steam will dislodge dirt, greases and grime.  If the user is using a cloth clipped on the steam cleaner attachment, he will automatically extract the melted dirt or stain with the cloth.  It is possible to scrub with steam to remove the hardest residue which would normally be almost impossible to clean.  It is important to understand that every object, surface or material is not perfectly smooth.  Under magnification, you discover porous surfaces that attract dirt within their tiny pores.  Superheated steam, because of its very high temperature, will penetrate all holes, effectively removing embedded dirt in these pores and killing germs, mold, bacteria and microorganisms like allergens and dust mites.  All this is done without any supermarket cleaning products (chemicals), all using only normal tap water!  That’s why we say that steam cleaning is excellent for people who are affected by chemical residues or for allergy sufferers.  The lack of toxic residues in your house can be a huge health benefit, especially if you have children, sick adults or pets present. Steam is also a government recommended way to get rid of bed bugs!

Other advantages provided by a good steam cleaner are the sanitizing and deodorizing properties of superheated steam.  We found out in many tests that steam was more efficient in removing the strongest smells, like smoke and urine, than any other common chemical.  No wonder a steam cleaner can literally do magic when disinfecting your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

Can you mix or add chemicals in your steam cleaner to get a more efficient cleaning?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Don’t put anything else in your steam cleaner.  At National Multi Steam we’ve tested so many cleaning methods and usually advocate using steam only; as it will deeply clean almost everything. We do recognize that in certain heavy duty situations, spraying a soft, ecological cleaning agent directly on the surface before using your steam cleaner can enhances the cleaning properties of your natural soap.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

1. Vacuum Regularly

Get the Dirt Out

At National Multi Steam we understand that over 95% of all dirt you find in your house comes from outside. Offenders such as soil, dust, pollen, air pollution and many other sources get into your house and cause that endless cycle of cleaning, dusting and vacuuming.

Does it seem like you’re continually losing this battle to the elements?  

Why not be proactive in while engaging in your line of defence? Dirt has sharp edges and wears down the fibers in your carpet.  Vacuum regularly and place a welcome mat at your home's entrances. Place commercial floor mats at high traffic entry doors. Also consider a "no shoes" policy. High traffic areas can often use vacuuming once a day while low traffic areas can be vacuumed a couple of times a week.  

Your carpet was designed for frequent vacuuming. Daily or weekly vacuuming will not wear it out. Keep the outside of your house as clean as possible.

2. Area Rugs

Does Your Area Rug Still Feel Like This?

If your area rugs are not maintained properly, they will loose the look, feel and value you took the time to invest in. Area rugs add a touch of elegance to any room. At National Multi Steam we recommend protecting your investment as a rug owner.

Some area rugs may look as though they’re losing their vibrant color when often it’s just a matter of the color being camouflaged by soil and grime.

The fibers of a rug can become packed and matted if dirt, dust and other particles are not removed on a regular basis. Also, when fibers become packed and matted, some rugs have a tendency to attract and hold even more particles. 

                   Here are some helpful area rug tips National Multi Steam recommends                  

  • Use rug pads: Rug pads used under your hard or carpeted services will sustain the life of your rug.                                                                                                                                      
  • Rotate your area rugs: By turning your rugs end to end at least once a year you will prevent uneven wear and tear as well as deterioration.

  •  Vacuum or shake your rugs: Dirt and debris are highly abrasive to your rugs and contribute to their wear and tear. Smaller area rugs can be lightly shaken out or hug over a fence or clothes line to be beaten out with a soft broom.

3. Don't Let Dirt In
Keep the Great Outdoors Where it Belongs

Looking to keep dirt out of your home?

Keep the walk ways leading to your house clean by occasional sweeping, purchasing an entrance rug and considering a no-shoes policy.
This will dramatically cut down on the amount of dirt, pollen, bacteria and allergens being tracked into your house.

We at National Multi Steam have found that most of your carpet destroying culprits are brought in by family, guests, and pets.

By simply making a habit of wiping your feet each time you enter your home you are saving money of cleaning products, energy, and wear and tear on your vacuum cleaner!

4. Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

There's Nothing Like the Look of a Clean Carpet...

At National Multi Steam we recommend to all our customers that they consider having their carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. We modestly recommend a professional cleaning twice a year for those that have active children or household pets.

National Multi Steam understands that carpet cleaning can be one of the last things homeowners want to think about. That is why we promise to take all the guess work and hassle out of it for you. Waiting too long to have your carpet cleaned will start to deteriorate your investment. Dirt and grime take it's toll on even the toughest of fibers.

Consult your manufacturers specifications for what type of cleaning method is appropriate for your type of carpet or simply give us a call. After all, that's what we do!

There are five different types cleaning home or business owners like you should be aware of...


Five Different Types of Clean From National Multi Steam


Dry Foam 


Dry Powder

Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning


5. Treat Spills Promptly and Properly
Because it Happens When You Least Expect It

National Multi Steam also highly recommend using Soil Blaster for spot removal. Most cleaning solutions are based upon cationic chemistry, that is, they contain positively charged cleaning agents.

Although they may clean with varying degrees of success, they leave behind a positively charged residue.
This residue acts like a magnet and attracts soils and dirt (which are negatively charged), causing re-soiling of the area.

Precisely what homeowners don't want!
National Multi Steam likes to give our customers the upper hand in preventative maintenance. Another great purchase is a bottle of Folex from a local Home Depot.  Both are low residue, neutral pH cleaners which will keep the spot from returning.
6. Snip Loose Threads
All Rugs Need Maintenance

Regular grooming of your rugs will make both vacuuming them easier, and keep the stylish look you purchased them for.

On area rugs with looped textures, vacuum the rug regularly using suction only.

Avoid using the rotating beater bar. This will keep the  loops from getting stuck, frayed or damaged. To remove a loose thread that sticks up above the fiber, use a small pair of scissors to snip fraying or loose fabric threads instead of pulling on it. 

Pulling encourages more than just the thread to unravel; ultimately damaging your rug forever.

7. Designate Eating Areas

Keep Your Rugs Looking Fabulous

National Multi Steam understands that spills can introduce oils and sugars into your carpet which attract dirt and help lead to a dingy looking carpet.
The less you eat in carpeted areas the better your chances are of avoiding these types of spills. Consider floor mats for young children or tray tables that prevent spills on your prized carpet or rug.

The type of rug you purchase and where it is used in your home could mean all the difference in the overall lifespan and enjoyment of your rug or carpet. Always read cleaning labels on your rugs and consider the traffic and areas of wear and tear in your living space.
8. Avoid Red or Bright Colored Drinks/Snacks
These Tempting Drinks are Your Carpet's Worst Enemy

Fruit punch and red wines have extremely powerful dyes in them. When that same dye is spilled into your carpet, it can create permanent color change.

If the stain is allowed to set, it may sometimes be a chore for National Multi Steam.We would like to give you some tried and true tips for maximum cleaning protection before we stop out for a visit.
Here are just a few helpful tips you can try! 

Keep White Wine Handy: White wine can be your true companion in the event of a red wine spill. White wine acts as a neutralizer for red wine and will make it easier to lift the color off of your carpet or clothing.

Simply pour white wine over the stained area and very gently blot the liquid up with a thick towel (be very careful not to rub as this will force the stain into the carpet or clothing fibers).

Once you have the majority of the spill blotted up, take your favorite carpet shampoo or clothing stain remover, whichever the case may be, and clean as you would if the wine stain were a bit of dirt on the carpet or clothing.  

Got Salt?:  It's true. Dousing a stain with a healthy dose of regular table salt will not only disinfect but pull out out to 90% of the stain. Simply leave the salt on the stain for at least a day before vacuuming it up.


9. Apply A Carpet Protector

Scotch Guard For Maximum Protection

At National Multi Steam we have found that there is quite a difference between protected and unprotected carpets and rugs.

Taking the time to scotch guard your carpets will add many years to the life of your flooring investment. Next to regular visits from us, scotch guarding will keep your rugs and carpet looking newer longer.

As you scotch guard, you keep your carpets protective barrier from breaking down through providing a seal of protection against dirt, water, or eminent stains. The more preventative measures and cleaning you do now will add value by giving your carpet a fresh new appearance year after year.

We at National Multi Steam truly want to help you get more life out of your carpet!